About Superette

Superette’s partners Andrew Bui, Nickie Tiedeman, and Whitney Reeb have been working, selling, and sourcing together in different capacities for 10 years. United by their mutual love of high end, designer vintage fashion, the team prides themselves on delivering curated, elevated style options that are both sustainable and unique. Says Andrew, “ People are hungry for quality and sustainability as well as something unique and outstanding. It’s all about the fit, as they say on the streets, buts that also a mindset and not just a physical thing”.

All three partners have built successful careers in online vintage retail and events, so the opening of Superette’s physical location marks an exciting, significant milestone. Nickie explains, “We were looking for new avenues for expansion - wanting to work together and connect with our clients in a new way.”


We are always in the market for vintage and designer goods! If you have pieces you would like to sell, email us at vintage.superette@gmail.com. Please include a few photos of your items and we will contact you to setup an appointment.

Contact: Vintage.superette@gmail.com

Location: @ Superette
133 East Broadway NY, NY 10002